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Transportation of cars is a complex process requiring not only proper equipment and machinery, but also specific knowledge. Vykom makes every endeavour to ensure high transportation standards and security. Innovative solutions and investments into quality improvement yield the best results and guarantee that our logistics services satisfy the highest expectations of our clients.


Transportation of consolidated cargoes by car transporters

Vykom offers transportation of consolidated cargoes by car transporters. Cutting-edge technological solutions and extensive experience allow us to select optimal routes and guarantee the most competitive prices. Our experienced and trained staff is prepared to address any unexpected problem at a moment’s notice. To ensure the maximum cargo security, every shipment is covered by road carrier liability insurance (CRM). Thus, our clients can rest assured that their cargo is in good hands.

Vykom vehicle fleet consists of car transporters equipped with Kaessbohrer, Lohr, Rolfo, Silver or Rimo semi-trailers and decks, ensuring that compact cars, jeeps, pickup trucks, minibuses and trucks are loaded without exceeding the permitted dimensions or weight limits for a fully loaded car transporter.

Transportation of consolidated cargoes by car transporters by Vykom covers:

1 transportation between factories, ports and logistics centres for manufacturers and logistics companies;

2 transportation for car dealers, i.e. direct distribution;

3 vehicle collection from and delivery to several different locations;

4 car logistics services, multimodal transport;

5 quality control;

6 swift claim administration and settlement;

7 insurance for all transported cargoes;

8 fast and efficient services in the language preferred by the client.


Transportation of a single car

Vykom offers fast and convenient single car transportation services across Europe for both corporate and individual clients. We are highly flexible when it comes to the needs of our clients. We regularly provide information on the current location of the transported vehicles.

We can transport from one to four cars, scheduling the pickup and delivery times at the client’s convenience. Cars can be collected for transportation from several locations and delivered to different destinations. Vykom car transporters are limited to a total mass of 11 tons and can ride up to 1,000 km per 24 hours.

If you need transportation of a single car or consolidated cargoes in Europe, please call us at +370 37 210524 or e-mail us at We will get back to you with answers to all your questions as soon as possible. We will do our best to offer you the optimal solution!

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