Highly qualified long-distance drivers safely and quickly transport the cargo they are entrusted to.

Only the highly-qualified drivers work here.

The attentive selection and the ability to continually learn and develop allows us to bring together a team of highly-qualified drivers.

We ensure our customers with zero mistake possibility -'No error guarantee'. In order to fulfil our promise, we must ensure systematic learning and development of each team link. Car transporter's job is very responsible, and that's why we take care that only reliable professionals join our team. In order to provide our customers with the highest level of service, we constantly invest in training and training refresher courses for our long-distance drivers. We create opportunities for drivers to get acquainted with innovative technologies and to be at the forefront.

We pay a lot of attention to ensure our drivers and loads safety during the trip.

We work to ensure that our long-distance drivers work smoothly and safely. Car transporters are equipped with modern equipment that protects drivers on the road and during rest. Car transporters have built-in cruise control systems. Advanced automatic braking system minimizes the likelihood of a road accident. Modern locks ensure driver safety during rest. GPS tracking devices not only serve to track cargo, but also work as an additional security tool.

Favourable working conditions allows us to build a powerful team

We pay great attention to creating the most favourable working conditions for long-distance drivers working at Vykom. In this way, we can compete with other carriers for the best-qualified drivers and for our customers we can guarantee the perfect service quality. The company consistently adheres to the legislation governing the working and rest conditions of long-distance drivers. Our well-rested drivers do not make mistakes, drive safer and make the best decisions in every situation.

Our clients


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